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Dear Other Writers,

Get a pen and a piece of paper.
Start writing.
Your task: a letter to yourself on your 7th Birthday.
Don’think, just write.

Post link in the comments section when you’re done.
Then we can all read one anothers’!


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Jumping House Studios!

I am proud and thrilled to announce that Isak Tiner, founder and photographer at Jumping House Studios has posted the first of many pictures of me on his site. I have had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions, and his work is stunning. Isak is one of the rare creative geniuses who can have a dozen brilliant projects and actually follow up with all of them. His ambition is only matched by his talent.

So if you are ever looking for a photographer for ANY reason, Isak Tiner is your man.

Coming soon: Burlesque, Pin-Up, and more!

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until there is no work
until there is no force
no promise
just the curling of fingers
the dance of two red birds on a Linden tree
skin a camouflage
fear of car horns
of monsters that speed away
love of car horns
of monsters that speed away
a wholeness of being
if being
is wholeness
is love

I dance
cosmic flashlight
the voice in an empty room
the song from fire hydrant
the metaphor for a euphemism within buttered toast or warm brown eggs
I say motion, different, moment
I say
do you see?

flowers follow the sun
they know what their job is
they don’t know
do what their job is
no job
they do as they
I laugh

Do we?

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there is no one
gets done
there is no behind the wheel
there is no captain
there is no word, only open

at centre, there is no writing
conjugation : meaningless
implies grammar
implies object
implies will
implies the Wind questions before it moves
implies Forces as anything but themselves
implies us as anything but ourselves
implies, says everything but
no words for centre

describe the grass as it rises and falls
comes and goes
does it ask?
is there?

at centere there is no
there is no
rise or fall
there is no centre

dry as bone as lake as footprint as deer
this is the centre
this misses centre in saying
anything, yet quiet
centre is not


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Hum, sidestep, phones vibrate
All the different sounds
All the voices, years blend
like white noise
like home

I roll my eyes but blessed
Have so much
Space to expend
to swell into Next
into More
into Comfort and there is
no grasping, nothing to un-clench
there is an art to all things
I am learning
I am getting better

People thank me
I can measure success in the
bank or in their joy
in their joy or in the bank
in their joy
in remembering the rules for weeks instead of days
Measuring is something I have come to
believe in
I accept
I am not embarrassed
I see no paradox here
Only those who are angry, helpless
I see no paradox here

I am better at my task
I have found ways
I am good at what I do
I am a golden Lego made of the finest cream

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Published again in the Chronogram!

They chose, “For Bradley: On Taoism and the Company We Keep.”

Very proud and very grateful to the Editor, Phillip Levine. 

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Yesterday, I was featured on Mia Enns’ website, Feeling Good About Feminism. It was exhilerating to be honored as a voice for the female experience, which I do believe is quite different and obviously just as valid as the life-experience of men.
As women, we have historically occupied a pedestal quite unlike that of our Yang counterparts. We are both pure and holy and lascivious and sultry. Have you ever heard a man referred to as “sensual”? Women occupy a place in the metasphere both austere and brazen. We manifest the Mother and the Earth rather than the Forces. Our plights are as silent and manic as that of men, but perhaps more complex and aching; they harrow and blossom within us, our beautiful secrets.
I had never considered myself as a Female Voice, but perhaps in my words, other women can find their own.
That, to me, would make all of the hardship and pleasure worthwhile.
Hope you enjoy!

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