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Wednesday, mid-February

I woke up to the buzzer
And we said nothing while you slept
You got what you came for
And left

Walked home from my meeting
No one showed
I tried to hold back tears
And thought about snow

Started cleaning in the kitchen
Put the music on full blast
Either to distract myself from
Or wallow in the past

Later I’ll go to the gym
Pretend everything’s fine
Make some dinner
Kill some time

I don’t know when I’ve been so sad,
I’ll say to someone on the phone tonight.
True sadness may be knowing,
They’ll reply, and they’ll be right


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Believe what you need
But I know, I see
Same way you see through me

Beyond the green water
At the edge of the sea
Mine for you and yours for me

Beyond what we say
There’s give and take
The kitchen by night
The bedroom by day

You asked for a poem
that’s simple and free
I know you’re afraid
but you shouldn’t be

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Fort Greene Park

Vertical waves, dashed like a grey sea
a thought that disappears
like an old friend
descending down the subway stairs

going both ways (more…)

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Dear Fernando,

standing by the tent in my black sweater and red lipstick
the hot sun a comfort in the crisp air
I was reminded by the youthful unfettered buzz of the
students left on campus

almost all the dandelions transformed
trance-like, out to the end of the world
I wondered what this field must have looked like only weeks ago
a shimmering sea of green and yellow

his voice, from somewhere, I know
the woman reading her book said it might be Vincent Price
a kid on the second floor playing the vinyl recording of
some dark story
adding substance to a cloud’s dalliance

that strong voice 
or my own

I wanted to be free, laying out on the lawn
I wanted to feel impossible and free
took my sweater off and couldn’t stop smiling
knowing how familiar the sight must be
comforted that no one even noticed me

and then we danced
and then we laughed
and then my sister graduated
and then my father and I played pool

Afterwards, cold steak and bland potatoes
still hungry and weaving in and out
between the tables
piling desserts onto a plate
celebrating, eating and drinking
so much that it hurt

Driving back from Vermont, I wanted to be free
I wanted to feel impossible and free
took my shoes off, felt the ridges of the pedals on
the bottoms of my feet
how familiar the sensation
comforted that no one even noticed me


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I tried to speak through the hum of bloodsuck
through the love cries of the vines
holler high above the
gothic gables and the towering locust and pine

but words do not reach you
words do not suit your needs
crimson secret insides
split open for the blind to read

I must have stood on Willoughby
for a dog’s age
dark outlines of a birth
too far or mysterious to touch

and I strained
and I reached
and I hollered
and I reached

inaudible difference
of something I probably shouldn’t have
taken out of the freezer and swallowed
but the sky is like the ocean I left behind
too far or mysterious to touch

and I strained
and I reached
and hollered
and I reached

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Not Poetry related, folks.
But completely inspired me today.
reblogged from http://www.fillthepot.wordpress.com

Mister Rogers Sing Together Remix.

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Punk Rock

I don’t wanna go to tutoring
I don’t wanna go to school
I just wanna go to sleep-Hey!
I just wanna go to sleep-Hey!

I don’t wanna do no yoga crap
I don’t wanna eat alfalfa
I just wanna go to sleep-Hey!
I just wanna go to sleep-Hey!

Don’t need no
(high heels)
business casual
(high heels)

I ain’t having no power lunch
Don’t get all hot on your power tie
I just wanna go to sleep-Hey!
I just wanna go to sleep–Hey!

Don’t wanna see my room mate’s dirty dishes
bringin’ in the cockroaches
I just wanna go to sleep–Hey!
I just wanna go to sleep–Hey!

Don’t need no
(late night)
short skirt drunk date

*voice recording to come

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