Dear Silas,

It would take me a long time to explain why I am going to New Orleans.
I would have to tell you about my childhood, about pipe dreams, about the last two years and what he said to me in the theatre the other night. You’d have to understand why something so small from just the right person has the power to Continue Reading »


Fort Greene Park

Vertical waves, dashed like a grey sea
a thought that disappears
like an old friend
descending down the subway stairs

going both ways Continue Reading »

Dear Michael,

coming back late in a cab
at least, all this week, sleeping through the night
which I haven’t been able to do in two years
I saw that the building at the corner of Smith and Atlantic
is shrouded in scaffolding
when did that happen and Continue Reading »

Dear Bradley,

On Saturday, I did something unexpected.
I have been honing my experience to a singular
palm like warm love through butter
stoicism Continue Reading »

Dear Katya,

I have been thinking about your book
remembering what you told me about the man
who owns the Community Book Store on Warren and Court
and about your mother
and Schopenhauer Continue Reading »

Dear Fernando,

Friday night found me sleepless
on a small raft in the sea
covered in fern leaves Continue Reading »

Dear Dave,

My body is still on the mend from pushing myself on Saturday
I am beginning to see the change, the difference
in the way I move through space
in the contours of my reflection in the large, vanity mirror.
it is not only this, also
it is in my eyes Continue Reading »

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