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after many new trees
a blue bicycle on the roof
counting backward
and admiring the fine art of the hand
majesty of colour
handiwork of man (more…)


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I was also on a beach.
There was a city made of driftwood.
The sign said, “No dogs allowed”
Now I understand.

I looked on and on and on into the madness of forgotten bones; they all have their place, I thought. They know where home is. I was still only searching, restless despite my fervor and concentration.
Am I doing this right? Is it fair?
I picked up one stick after another; I never wondered about getting splinters as I worked my way through the desert barefoot.
Would it be peaceful to sleep beneith these stars?
Shall I trade one secret for another?
Will their dry clothes come off?
Can they shine like the moon, like they did a long time ago before breathing was invented?

I was also on a beach, and I never even heard the crashing of waves.
The only thing I could see were the dark places, the without, the infinity that lies between any pair of arms.
That was then; tonight I will wait on a different shore for a man who may never come. I will wait with twigs in my hair and a basket of cedarberries for the one who will guide me to the sea.

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