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after many new trees
a blue bicycle on the roof
counting backward
and admiring the fine art of the hand
majesty of colour
handiwork of man (more…)


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as much sand:

as many ways to get there
and an underrated bus system
warm whiskey and children selling mangos
cut into flowers
taking up the whole damned day on my back

articles about a dead man who jumped
a phone call with an old friend
I tell her about the way his cologne clung to my dress
and how I locked myself in my room for the rest of that other afternoon

the taste of somewhere I can’t remember
and smells that remind me
Al Greene on someone’s radio
waning collagen and the sea

standing on the new boardwalk
remembering that night in the old bar
replaced now with some plastic hot dog joint
remembering the frost on the sand when a few of us rode out at midnight
remembering my first time and how sore my neck was the next day
or the three of us, praying, in the swinging car

it’s like Gordon Lightfoot once said,
and even on a perfect day
waning collagen and the sea

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