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Dear Silas,

I was studying the lines in your face as you
ate sushi and told me about your next big move
and Paris
I was trying so hard not to let it show
not even knowing, myself (more…)


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Dear Silas,

It would take me a long time to explain why I am going to New Orleans.
I would have to tell you about my childhood, about pipe dreams, about the last two years and what he said to me in the theatre the other night. You’d have to understand why something so small from just the right person has the power to (more…)

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How do we get there?

I laugh
as the Natchez Crape Myrtle would
its youthful skin like mine in the afternoon
while the air slowly
rolls on like a stream

Each languid step like a vanilla kiss
on my shoulder
my neck
the soft places we go to lay down in at night with the fan on.

You could ask me a million questions here
and my answer would be my silence
the darkening of my eyes
the steady ebb and flow of breath
a meditation within a hunger within the
superfluity of wanting or words

I would hold your hand
when the sun came down
if not for the lovemaking of birds in the silk-soaked heat
I would leave you to go fix my father’s lighter and buy antique lingerie
You would argue Healthcare reform in a courtyard over a bottle of purple wine.

Later, we’d listen to Jazz
and sip champagne in a bubble bath before
dancing in the
lamplit shadow of a Cathedral.

I’d whisper:

Spin me again

and you would.


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